Gustaw3 months ago

Great track! you have got our vote!
Meanwhile I just uploaded a new Remix of: Like I Do - David Guetta, Martin Garrix & Brooks (Gustaw Remix)
Your feedback and vote would be highly appreciated, wishing you all the best !

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Justus Holtkamp
Justus Holtkamp3 months ago

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Thank you

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Strifff3 months ago

Good job
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MBStrong3 months ago

Good job brother your song is incredible thanks for your song asome voted

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ALEXNDER3 months ago

Just hear your track to understand why you are in first place in the ranking.
It's a professional track in every aspect. creativity, choice of sounds, mix and master.
I voted your track!
Please listen my remix of "you don't have to like it" and tell me what you think!
Thanks and good luck.

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Steve Yoo
Steve Yoo3 months ago

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redbeat3 months ago

Nice track, bro! Voted.
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RANDY TORRES [Official] ✪

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Silence.music3 months ago


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DJ FLY-D3 months ago

this is an amazing track! i voted! Vote for my new track "Flumserberg"

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disappeared3 months ago

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Juan Rojo
Juan Rojo3 months ago


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kozelmusic3 months ago

Wow this one is cool!! You could be signed for Hexagon, the style is similar in my opinion!🔥

You have my vote! Good luck on talent pool! - Kozel

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Rolaan3 months ago

Hey! i like your music! CHECK OUT my new music :)

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rougdrag3 months ago

Hi Christopher Damas,

Thank you for your comment and vote,
Here is your VOTE,
Love and Peace rougdrag

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SDL3 months ago

Please check out my remix and vote for it guys. I will vote back

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SDL3 months ago


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Alesso Jay
Alesso Jay3 months ago

Guys check my remix of "Like I Do", sure you like it! Vote and comment please!

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kerem çeken
kerem çeken3 months ago

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Nenad Tevani
Nenad Tevani3 months ago

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