Please enjoy and leave a vote, thank you.


Meyouwe10 days ago

Voted!! Please vote back on my track "Tell me my love"!!

Score: 1
Tito Abeleda
Tito Abeleda10 days ago

You got me from the beginning. YEA! WERK!!! I'm doing the DARK HORSE dance - sexy hot dance vibe. LOVE IT. Full support and vote.

Score: 1
Nouveau & E-mmence

good music, voted

Score: 1
Llawx10 days ago

Dude you deserve my vote

Score: 1
Edwar10 days ago

Good music, voted!!!!!!!

Score: 1
The.Ottoman10 days ago

nice one! voted back!

Score: 1
Chris Luke
Chris Luke10 days ago

Nice one man! Voted back, would like to work on a track with you sometime! message me on soundcloud if you want to (link is on my profile)

Score: 1
RiZLiX10 days ago

thanks for the vote! i already voted for you the other day! good luck!

Score: 1
Music By Doro
Music By Doro10 days ago

The support is overwhelming, this is great. Thank you all!

Score: 0
AVER10 days ago

Voted DORO, Do vote back on my latest Like I Do Remix thank you!!

Score: 1
Meyouwe10 days ago

Voted! Please vote back on my track "Tell me my love"! Thank you!

Score: 1

nice track voted...check out my track ,only for you and vote for it

Score: 1
The Terrorists
The Terrorists10 days ago

A yo I love thas drop part, hart catching and kick is so amazing. just loved it. check mine if you don't mine, I am not expecting any vote but, I want to see what I had mistaken in my track called "Midnight",,,,,......

Score: 1
crazyeightyfour10 days ago

very cool song
you have my vote

Score: 1
the smoking dogs
the smoking dogs11 days ago

Cool track!
Good sound!
You have my vote!
Please, Vote back my last track "PUMP"
Thank you so much and good luck!!!

Score: 1
ALEXNDER11 days ago

This drop is really danceable! I like a lot. Voted!
Please listen my remix of "you don't have to like it" and tell me what you think!
Thanks and good luck.

Score: 1
RANDY TORRES [Official] ✪


Score: 1
rougdrag11 days ago

Hei Doro
I would not be surprised if this track is a success.

because he is just like most of the people I think in the club want to late hour,

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Love and Peace rougdrag

Vote !!

Score: 1
DJ Azza
DJ Azza11 days ago

Belter mate, Gonna play this live hopefully soon as it is a fucking bop! Check out my cover of “Muscle Museum” and let me know what you think please

Score: 1
kerem çeken
kerem çeken11 days ago

can you please check out my tune ?

Score: 1