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Shon Gbrl
Shon Gbrl1 day ago

Amazing track bud! keep it going
you have my vote i hope you vote back for my track "apocalypse"

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@iamdjlars1 day ago

voted! please vote my remix of Like I Do! thanks

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Luis herrera
Luis herrera1 day ago

me encanta

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Waru1 day ago

Cool track dude, legit! Voted!

Feedback: So catchy man, that buildup is so perfect for building up the energy for the drop. I like the way you didn't bring in the hats right away, so when they did come in they felt so energetic! Such a great track man, I can't say that there is anything to improve, well done!

Could you return the favour and vote for my tracks Germinate and Fragmented? Appreciated.
Also, I will follow you back on SoundCloud if you follow me.

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Alan Freires
Alan Freires1 day ago

Great track! Voted!
Would love if you could vote back!2

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Malcolm Zeller


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Strifff2 days ago

Good job!
Check my last track "Strifff-Error 404"
You have my Support!
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and I'll follow you!

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Yellowjzard2 days ago

amazing!you have my vote! pls listen and support my new track "sensation"!!

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Krlfs2 days ago


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Rayllex2 days ago

Hey ! nice track ....offcourse like it ....
Follow me on Soundcloud and I will follow you back just for exchanging musical ideas!!
Thanks and Best :) . . . . . . .

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Zalarexx2 days ago

Hey! I don't want to give you a fake comment because they suck, but maybe we can do vote for vote ( Zalarexx - Beyond)? I'm not a greedy person, so I'm gonna give you a vote! Good Luck, bro!!!

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INGVARR MARO2 days ago

Hello Doro! Cool music. You got my vote! Please, vote back for my tracks.

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PaulGrand2 days ago

Hey! I really like your track! It's so original! You got vote!!

If you could please check out and vote for my track

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DjTommyRiordam2 days ago

Hi Doro, Voted! Vote back! Song Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank - Shades Of Grey (Ft. Delaney Jane) Remix by Tommy Riordam, Thanks!

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Veckhen2 days ago

sick track dude , im in love with those vibes!!!!,the melody is unique and really deserves being released congrats!!!!!!.
If you could go and check my new TRACK "LONELY PALACE" would be insane, thank you so much and keep the hard work!!!! If you follow me ill follow you back!!!!!!!!!:)

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Nico Picerno
Nico Picerno2 days ago

Music By Doro. Nico Picerno 'Another Day' Coming Soon.

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Jovine2 days ago

got my vote! pls vote my track "In My Mind"

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Brook Gee
Brook Gee2 days ago

VOTED. Have a listen to ma latest DEEP HOUSE track 'Late Nights' and my other music released on Matrix Music Records. Cheers mate, Brook Gee

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Ayden Griffith
Ayden Griffith2 days ago

Dang Man brilliant track! You got my vote! Check out my original mix "Box Man" and vote it. It would mean a lot. Thanks!

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LUKES2 days ago


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