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Juancruzcolavita2 hours ago

Awesome dude!! Voted!! Please take a listen to my last track!

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The Z Bros
The Z Bros8 hours ago

hello, we voted for your second track.........we voted....please vote back for us in our remix of "Down for Anything"......

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MADRULLZ9 hours ago

Could you please listen to my tracks and vote for it if you like it
Good luck!!

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Rhacoon3 days ago

well done! strong contender! +1 vote

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SH*RT*N37 days ago

definitely a heavenly song. You have built up a nice atmosphere, I really like it. I vote for you. I follow you on soundcloud

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Matueszek8 days ago

that effect before the drop is soo dope. That just got my vote off the bat goodjob. Check out my new banger "Ambivalent" u will love it.

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Jamesfasa8 days ago

I love the ear candy melody! few pointers, Id fatten up your drop a little and make the sub a little more present and raise your mids a little to give it more body. other than those few things its a flawless track dude! you have my vote and will follow you on SC. ;) thank you for the vote.

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Kyngdom9 days ago

Dope! album cover reminds me of Circa Survive - On Letting Go. Voted!

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J Vebster
J Vebster9 days ago

Hey!! I voted!
This is awesome. I Couldn't stop humming the melody.
This track is never gonna get out of my head.

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