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Nicolas Paz
Nicolas Paz17 minutes ago

Voted, Sounds amazing! Anyways, could you give a listen at my last track? and if possible let me know if it is of your liking. ¿VOTE x VOTE ?

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Awmeyda8 hours ago

How about bro, good track, I like your style, good job, vote for you!
Vote for my new job '' Fun Dimension ''!
Good Luck colleague¡¡

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ReyMod1 day ago

congratulations, for being among the best!!!!, I'm glad that my vote is there for you, you have talent bro I hope you do not forget to listen to my music!

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Imereli2 days ago

Nice Track, VOTED!
Please vote my track "Cacique"
Thanks .

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KRONOMYS2 days ago

Our new track is out, take a listen!

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Diagnosis3 days ago

Nice track TheLavish! I like the work you put into it. Check my track out "Festivals" and vote for it if you like it. Thanks. You got my vote!

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the Voyager
the Voyager3 days ago

Hey! I just finished listening to your track and all I can say is that it is really good. There are some elements in here where I can hear your are working on developing your own sound. Keep heading in that direction, you definitely have my vote!

I hope you can take the time and vote back for my remix 'You and I ft. Grayson Gibson' and leave me some feedback; it would be greatly appreciated.

If you ever need support in the future with a vote, follow me on SoundCloud and message me. I will follow back for support. You can also send me some of your work through SoundCloud and I will take a listen to it and provide you with some feedback or comments. It may take some time because I get a lot of music sent to me but I will get back to you. Look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you and Good Luck!! - the Voyager

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woooow! voted! can you help me with my track ÁNGELES?

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Prashant Gautam
Prashant Gautam4 days ago

?? Good Job, I voted for your track !!!

Please vote for my new track "Dream".....!

Thank You...!!!

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INGVARR MARO4 days ago

Hello Thelavish! Cool music. I really like your track. You got my vote! Please, vote back for my track «Energetic vampire».

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Kamas4 days ago

Great track, voted!

Check out my track Yellow Vibes and vote for it!
Please follow me :)

Thank you !

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Brook Gee
Brook Gee4 days ago

VOTED! I've got a new HOUSE track out called Saturday Nights. Check it out! Cheers, Brook Gee

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The Skull Bashers

Voted and supported brother vote back our track cubicle too

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NemesisOFCL5 days ago

Voted <3 <3 can you please vote my new track "Trancefer"

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AtakanTekin5 days ago

MERCER ft . Ron Carroll - Satisfy ( Atakan Tekin Remix ) enjoy guys I'm sure y ou like it

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zellcore5 days ago

Voted! Check my track First LOVE and vote pls ;)

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Sick! you have my vote! Make sure to listen mu track!

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DG_CW5 days ago

Niceeee! I vote for you! Could you vote back for my new track "Waiting FT Zara Taylor (original Mix)?

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Ellion Quincy
Ellion Quincy5 days ago


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Hyperwaves5 days ago

Could you please listen to my tracks and vote for it if you like it .
Good luck!!!

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