please listen and vote if you like the track , i do it for you to !


The Z Bros
The Z Bros2 days ago

you make a nice job, it's a great purpose......we voted....please vote back for us in our remix of "Down for Anything"......

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John Avo
John Avo2 days ago

Well put together and must say this is amazing!

Score: 1
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Bastache2 days ago

This track is also so nice......

Score: 1
JAY J2 days ago

Nice track, good job, voted!

Check out my remix "Closure ", make sure to vote!

Much love, thanks!

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Ellion Quincy
Ellion Quincy2 days ago


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thatboyknack2 days ago

dope voted!

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BASECRUX3 days ago

Very nice job like the big djs
Hope you worked very hard on this to produce such a master piece
Iam sure to vote but are you ready to vote me up

If yes then

Please listen my new track which i prodice enough by working so hard like you from EQing to sidechaing and the rest goes by

"Fear Of Loss"

Do vote me up and yes see you in the top 10 of the spinnin list


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Andy Jaymes
Andy Jaymes3 days ago

hey project arjk, love the track 🔥🔥 Good job! Please check out my latest track "Totem", I would be very grateful if you could listen to itn and give it a vote :) I am also more than happy to vote back just let me know 👏🏼- Andy

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Micron kal
Micron kal3 days ago

Hello ARJK

I am very pleased that you like my track and that you have voted for me, of course, I support you and your track befor you vote for me ;)

Thank you and many greetings from Vienna my friend

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KRONOMYS3 days ago

This is our new track, take a listen!

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Kicool3 days ago

Voted, would be nice if you can vote mine too.

Score: 1
S0MP3 days ago

Voted ! Please vote back ! Suuport for support ! :D

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Nobile G
Nobile G3 days ago

Voted! Can you vote me back? I vote for everyone vote me!

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Will Arms
Will Arms3 days ago


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WonEx Official
WonEx Official3 days ago

0 second and 1.46, how can you find such a good melody? wow :)

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Nycot_music3 days ago

This is sick man! I voted. could you vote for me too??

Score: 1
JayV93 days ago

great bro nice work, I voted ! can you vote back for my last song please ?

Score: 1
*||Destiny||*3 days ago

Hello friend I loved your theme <3 I need your support in my new track (Big star) please I ask you vote

Score: 1
Fuse&Rush3 days ago

Hi,Love this song
everythin is perfect
Mixing etc
Yougot my vots for sure
I would be so happy if you could vote my track Kick It

Score: 1
Reasone3 days ago

Well. I can't vote two times. Good luck!

Score: 1