please listen and vote if you like the track , i do it for you to !


JayV92 days ago

great bro voted ! can you vote back for my last song please

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The Skull Bashers

Great job brother voted and supported vote back our track cubicle too it's an amazing track produced by us let's support each other by voting and take our music to the world

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Muddy2 days ago

Great one :) hope u can take time to listen to my track as well my friend and tell me what u think :) hopefully even vote as i did urs.

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NemesisOFCL2 days ago

Voted!!!!! can you please vote my new track "Trancefer"

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DIIZKARD2 days ago

Nice. vote!
hope for feedback.
|[ . ]|
_| |_

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ZiHjERiUS3 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS: I'm going to vote for all the songs that I like, which I consider to be talented, and this is one.

Score: 1

Awesome track dude!! Make sure to listen mine!!

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Music By Doro
Music By Doro3 days ago

Some solid work on this tune. You got my vote!
Please vote back for my track "Ghetto Soul"
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Thank you!!!!

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James F. Masters

I am an old school electronic music fan, that goes way back. This reminds me of some great work done by the pioneers of any electronic dance music. But with a new school vibe, that sets it apart. Kudos on the sound!

Score: 1
zellcore3 days ago

Amazing work! Voted! Pls vote my work ;) first LOVE I Hope you like It :)

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Sons of the Empire

Thank you for your vote. Voted back. Good luck.

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Tuzz3 days ago

really good job
voted man

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Jihoru Pinelli
Jihoru Pinelli3 days ago

Good song
I love it

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teodulo3 days ago

Amazing track bro
Voted for sure
Please check my latest track

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ATITUD3 days ago

sounds good but kick not enough loud

Score: 1
ZombosO3 days ago

nice track, voted; follow me if you want, and follow you back !

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Farbkreis3 days ago

Thanks! Interesting stuff! Greets

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CharliMusic3 days ago

great track buddy
you have my support .... voted,
Check my latest track "Euphoria(drop edit)" and vote back please!!

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Metrovice3 days ago


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DeanULTRA3 days ago

Not my kind of sound..but keep up..Check out make me Alive

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