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wooooooow! voted! can you help me with my track IMAPARABLES?

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Ross Stephens
Ross Stephens14 days ago

Awesome you have my vote!

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X1514 days ago

Voted ! Start your day with festival vibes like "Nights Like This" ! Hear it and vote for it ;) Music is my life so enjoy ;)


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Limit Schoolboy15 days ago

Great track. You deserve it. Please vote back.

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the.universedj15 days ago

amazing track voted please vote back for my track Wasted

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Sl@weC15 days ago

Really great track, creative idea its very nice to listening that!
You definetely have my support.
Can you please vote for my last track called "Take a Look !"?
Thank you so much!

Have a great day!

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Ashkan15 days ago

Its potentially good!!!!Voted(you can verify it) have my support...Please Consider my track "RAGE!!!!" and Tell me your Opinion about and if it deserve ,Vote me back.

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Urbz N Sky
Urbz N Sky15 days ago

VOTED! Check out our newest track and give some feedback back !! :))

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alipalbantani15 days ago

Great top 10. Voted!
Please vote back on my remix track. Thank you :D

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AUZTN15 days ago

Nice track! Voted!. Could you vote my track "Crazy"? Thanks!

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Vakkas15 days ago

Saladın dude this track amazing. Full support

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Cikmo15 days ago

Hi. I really liked this! You earned a vote!
Would you like to also check out my new track "Dreams" and if you like it, give it a vote?
I would really appreciate it!!!!!!!!

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Ashkan15 days ago

Its potentially good!!!!Voted(you can verify it) have my support....Please Consider my track "RAGE!!!!" and Tell me your Opinion about and if it deserve ,Vote me back

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Lotto music
Lotto music15 days ago

Sounds good! You have my vote :) I would really appreciate if you heard my remix of the song of sam feldt and if you like it
vote for my remix :)

Thank you!

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X1515 days ago

Voted ! So happy to be back with the beast "Nights Like This" ! Hear it and vote for it ;) Music is my life so enjoy ;)

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Hey Brother! I Took A Listen To Your Track, And I Really Enjoyed It!^_^
The Melody Of The Drop Is Really Great And Good Mixing As Well..!
The Track Has Been Well Mastered Too And Is Pretty Loud 🔊📣Enough. Seriously Well Done :)
You’ve Definitely Got My Vote..! I Really Loved It!
It Will Be Really Appreciable If You Vote Back For My new remix of ((DOWN FOR ANYTHING)) also my New track “ELECTRIFY”, And I Hope You Like It ;)
Anyways, Keep It Up..! Wanted To Hear What’s New From You, So Followed You As Well.

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I'm Interested In Doing A Collaboration With You!
If You Are Willing To, Please Send Me A Message On SoundCloud And Make Sure You Follow Me There As Well..!! tysm

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Bao15 days ago

Yes nice one!! Hopefully it will get released so I can add it too my playlist then! Please listen to mine, and if you like it vote back please! Thanks!

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neffect15 days ago

Nice choice of melody and I like the drums on this one as well. I am definitely giving you a vote on this one. I always leave a vote first before I ask for one so in return I would like to ask that you vote for my new track "MOVE" and let me know what you think. If you ever need any feedback on any of your music or a like or comment or future vote in the Talent Pool, follow me on my socials and Sound Cloud and I will provide that for you to show my support to you in return for you supporting me. Thank you and Good Luck!!!!

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Bluebatti15 days ago

Wow, really good track! Great work! You got my vote! Please vote me back? Thank you!

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Noah Ayrton ✪
Noah Ayrton ✪15 days ago

Hey man, I'm trying to go through everyone's tracks and give some solid feedback so you can improve and get better as a producer but first of all, I just want to say that I loved your track as it was very unique and the melody was so catchy and overall just fantastic. I will definitely vote for this! (Be sure to check supported tracks).

I found myself humming the melody after listening to it several times! I can tell that if you keep working hard, there is no doubt you will make it one day!

The only thing I can say you need to work on is to make your kicks more hard hitting as they were a bit too soft. Try and add some sounds that fill out the middle end of the eq at the drop as it was a bit to bright but other than that, amazing track.

I was also wondering if you could check out my new single “You Gave Me” and maybe you could vote for it as that would be a huge help. Thank you!!

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