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X152 months ago

Voted ! The summer is coming ! Celebrate with good music : "Nights Like This" ! Hear it and vote for it ;) Music is my life so enjoy ;)

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P.B2 months ago

Voted for you!
Listen to my new song Festival Vibes.
It’s my song for the festival season.
Say what you think and vote for it, if you like it :)
Revive all the memories of your last Festival!!

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HISO2 months ago

Nice work, voted ;) Check out my track "Damru" if you like!!

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Pauliee32 months ago

voted for you, mind voting for my new track, thanks!!

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Giuseppe Arena
Giuseppe Arena2 months ago

Voted for you. give a vote back on my latest track "I Like The Way" please ?

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No way
No way2 months ago

This track is dope .

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LAFAYETTE ✪2 months ago

thanks !

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MadLime2 months ago

Hello, good track bro!

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Minik Rosing
Minik Rosing2 months ago

Lit track bro! Love the vibe and the energy. Definitely got my vote! If you’ve got the time please vote back on my new single “Fuse”. It would mean the world for me! Thanks, and keep up the good work! You’ve got my support ;))

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matheus.v.a ✪
matheus.v.a ✪2 months ago

vote for my track!@

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SummerTide2 months ago

Really love this! Great track!!!! Check out my latest track By My Side Now! You wont regret it!

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HENRIKZ2 months ago

Heeey my man! Really nice track there.

If you want personal feedback from me, PM me on soundcloud! :)

Please go and vote on my track " On Your Own " I have gotten feedback from big names and they said its lit!

Have a good day my man!
- henrikz

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Steve Hawks
Steve Hawks2 months ago

Great track, great vibe! Voted of course! Can you please check my last track "Forever Young"? Thank you for the love

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DJ Lowriss
DJ Lowriss2 months ago

Good Job Lafayatte, i voted for you.
Good luck

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DJ Lowriss
DJ Lowriss2 months ago

Good Job man, i voted for you.
Good luck

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LessTroPied2 months ago

WOW ^^
Nice track i voted for you,
Can you give me your vote on my new track .
Thanks you
Good luck for top

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Nuuklox☑2 months ago

OH! Thanks bro for giving idea . I got an idea because of your music voted :)

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LAFAYETTE ✪2 months ago

thanks !!!

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Steki2 months ago

Nice Work, you have my voted back bro :)

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Dj Russo
Dj Russo2 months ago

I voted:)

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the.universedj2 months ago

great track voted please vote back for my track Rampage.

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JSTM Music
JSTM Music2 months ago

Nice track Lafayette. Sounds really good. I’ve voted for you.

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