Old Skool flavor with them New Skool vibes! Youtube channel with videos of all my tracks coming soon. Hope you all enjoy my music and will subscribe.


sam-mitch2 months ago

Man it's cool
Can i ask you, how long do you make EDMusic?

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matheus.v.a ✪
matheus.v.a ✪2 months ago

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SummerTide2 months ago

Amazing!!!! Check out my latest track By My Side Now! You wont regret it!

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Seanyy2 months ago

Solid work dude - voted!

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AntonMunter2 months ago

Nice work, voted ;) Check out my latest song "Run Away" if you'd like!

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Danale72 months ago

Gold🔥,I love it,I voted for you,can you check my latest track "chill",if like it vote please, Hugs!❤️

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HENRIKZ2 months ago

Heeey my man! Really nice track there.

If you want personal feedback from me, PM me on soundcloud! :)

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Have a good day my man!
- henrikz

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Steve Hawks
Steve Hawks2 months ago

Good track, I voted for it! Can you please check my new track "Forever Young"? Thank you for the love

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HappyCom2 months ago

Nice Track, really like the originality of it! You got some really nice drums going in the beginning and cool vocals!
Please check out one of my tracks and leave a comment for a returned vote :)

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Nuuklox☑2 months ago

TRU CONCEPT Style keep it up .

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Nuuklox☑2 months ago

NEFFECT You deserve to be the first in the talent pool, great work,voted and supported!
Please vote for my track "E-FRNDS" Your one vote can change my life .Waiting for your feedback on my track .Hope you love my "HARDSTYLE".

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LessTroPied2 months ago

WOW ^^
Nice track i voted for you,
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Thanks you
Good luck for top

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the.universedj2 months ago

great track voted please vote back for my track Rampage

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Miksun2 months ago

Nice work,voted:)
please check out my track "Virtual Dubstep",
thank you very much and good Luck

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BelZone2 months ago

Keep up the work. This is great. You've got my vote. Check out my latest submission. #VOTE4VOTE

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LU4N2 months ago

Voted! Vote back my PASTRY Thanks

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John Avo
John Avo2 months ago

Keep up the work. I have just put a vote to show my support! Would you possibly take your time and support me back please on soundcloud/johnavo

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P.B2 months ago

Voted for you!
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It’s the perfect song for the festival season.
Say what you think and vote for it, if you like it :)
Revive all the memories of your last Festival!

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OLIVER BRENT2 months ago

listen to my latest track thx "Never be like you remix"

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Mitjha2 months ago

amazing move!

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