Love Myself

Wild Culture

Hi, guys:) This is my remix of "Love Myself". So.. I hope, that you like it:) Enjoy;)


Micron kal
Micron kal6 days ago

Hello Dix

Thanks for your feedback and of course I support you as well. voted

many greetings from Vienna


Score: 1
andyddj7 days ago

Better than the 2 and 1

Score: 1
andyddj7 days ago

The best

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esteem7 days ago

Nice production. Clean AF. Voted
I know everyone asks for a vote back my submission was deleted (by accident?) I have just re-uploaded at rank 400?


Score: 1
Baptiste Saunier

It s a nice Remix! Really I like it. I will vote now because it deserves it.
You can check mine and would love to have your feedback :)

Score: 1
Mariana Sam
Mariana Sam8 days ago

I think this is the best remix I've heard in the top 10!! I voted :P

If you wanna give me a quick vote before the contest ends I'd really appreciate it! thank you!

Score: 2
Moilatch8 days ago

This is so good Dix Wille ! VOTED and followed u ! <3

Please Vote for our new Remix aswell, so we can help out each other ! :-)

Score: 1
E*T*M records
E*T*M records8 days ago


Score: 1
JSTM Music
JSTM Music9 days ago

Nice remix! Well done! Voted back for you.

Score: 1
TalTson9 days ago

Great Remix! Punchy And Melodic Perfectly!
Take A Look at My Remix, It's Sounds Kinda The Same...

Score: 1
Nelmeira9 days ago

very very track dix, voted! vote in my remix, "cante por nos", thanks my friend

Score: 1
Serginio Chan
Serginio Chan9 days ago

Nice Remix → I voted for you

Score: 1
FQIR9 days ago

thats a pretty neat and strong remix. the chord plucks in the beginning were cool about the drop. what a powerful one mate. loved it. heard it to the fullest. Voted back. Connect on SoundCloud..... Lets support each other. ;)

Score: 1
Mister Wright
Mister Wright10 days ago

Awesome hard remix! Great festival music! Voted! Please vote back :)

Score: 1
Kenneth V
Kenneth V10 days ago

i love the drop, very agressive but not too mucj, nice nice ;-)

Do you wanne take the time to check out and VOTE for my remix of Love Myself 😘😃
Thanks you very much for your time 😝

~ Kenneth V ~

Score: 1
Dj Matvey
Dj Matvey10 days ago

Excellent track !!! I already voted!

Score: 1
Mersii10 days ago


Score: 1
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Kelvin9210 days ago

This is awesome, you should be number 1. Voted

Score: 1
BrightSmile10 days ago

Voted! Love it!!! :)

Score: 1
EnergyWolf10 days ago

Voted back😀😀

Score: 1