Andrusha15 minutes ago

voted back

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Marko Skye
Marko Skye1 hour ago

nice work,voted!:)

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Theo Dor
Theo Dor1 hour ago

Love it

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Skywaukr4 hours ago

Love the track, man keep up the good work!
I voted! Feel free to check my new track out “SOS” on the talent pool as well! Thanks!!

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Ashton Gray
Ashton Gray5 hours ago

Nice track, unique

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Navy Blue
Navy Blue6 hours ago

This track is fantastic !!
I really enjoyed so here is my vote !
Do you know? you may have a great future!!!
Just keep doing and doing and never give up! So you could be a top artist on Spinnin' tallentpool.
I hope, that you will check my track "COLORFUL SUNSET" and vote it back ! And please follow me !
Thanks !!!

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Riro Music
Riro Music7 hours ago

Nice ^^

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Dj Normix
Dj Normix9 hours ago

voted please follow me back

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Lunagrath14 hours ago

Ey encanto tu estilo...votado y siguiendo...saludos y suerte...

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Otto Stories
Otto Stories15 hours ago

Reymod thanks for the support! Voted back

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DCRPD15 hours ago

THX for checking out my latest + your vote on "Escape" best of luck

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LOUDstudent16 hours ago

I listened to your track, the track's low end got lost by all the other instruments, i would personally work on finding the perfect balance with a frequency analyzer. if you have the time please listen to my track as well, "Zoya", Thanks! Would love your likes or dislikes of it.

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rougdrag17 hours ago

Hey ReyMod,
Thank you for vote and comment to my mix !!
I had already voted your track,

wish you all the best,
love and peace

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Dave Max1 day ago

Heyyy!!! Very good track, It' s original and I personally like the emotions that come from this song, I don' t know why (lol), but I voted it!!!
If you want you can listen to my last track (the remix of Happier, by Ed Sheeran) and, if you like it, you can vote for it !!!1

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UNEK1 day ago

Hi broo I voted for this fire :)you can be in the Spinnin Records in the future broo . . . check my support track you are there or your xp level it's +1 :) please Vote back for my new song OH YEAH thanks.

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dby1 day ago

Asome Amazingly follows you

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VAZE1 day ago

Super weird but sick beat!
Check out my new track "Sunshine"

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Lello_Oliver1 day ago

Your sound is very good.
For your potential, I am following you, you have a great future.
I could also vote for my singles, thank you and hug

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HM4SLR1 day ago

good job i votee

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Shikaari1 day ago

Awesome track man. Nicee melody. Voted you back.

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