This is my new future house track called "Recess". (Inspired by Brooks ,Mesto and Martin Garrix)


Stern( Nani)
Stern( Nani)2 days ago

Nice track. Really the the future house vibe. Also nice art work. Voted.. Please check out my new track Shake and vote back. Thanks

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Shatiks2 days ago

Very good job! Voted!

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Flamehood2 days ago

Congrats on the success man! Voted back

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Apuia.Pc2 days ago

Awesome track you may have my vote keep going you have gone this far try to be the top No.4 is not for you No.1 is for you if you try to
I hope you vote back my track "Fearless"

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LaaStari2 days ago

Voted, Awesome work on the track!
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Steve Hawks
Steve Hawks2 days ago

Wow, such an awesome track! I really appreciated it, got me jumping! Keep up with the good work!!!
Can you please check out my track "Sorry"?
Thank you so much

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Xedis2 days ago

hey guys!! please support my new track "Dark Side"!!
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1nch4nt2 days ago

The melody's catchy, but it's legit the only thing in this track. Its way too repetitive. Could definitely use some more variation, a new melody progression perhaps. That would have made it more interesting. Good luck:)

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NemesisOFCL2 days ago

Voted!!! Please vote my new track "Desert"

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Mett_music2 days ago

Nice sounds! Voted. Please vote back on my Remix "The only way is up"

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D3ARD4N3 days ago

Thanks a lot for your vote NEKO. It's huge help to me. I already vote your tack RECESS someday ago. Good Luck

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Debby Carry
Debby Carry3 days ago

Good track bro!! I voted!

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JeyFrex3 days ago

Wooow, very coool
You have my vote ; )

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AUZTN3 days ago

Nice track! Voted!. Could you vote my track "Light it up"? Thanks!

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John Avo
John Avo3 days ago

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Nermox Official
Nermox Official3 days ago

Nice track! Awesome sound!

Voted. Vote back on my track "Alone" I support you

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WOWLAND Records3 days ago

Great work here. Love it! :)
We are a record label and artist management company.
We would love to work with you and we could release your music. Visit our website (link on our profile) and send us your demo.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

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Paidiii3 days ago

Could you vote back for me, Neko? Would be a great help!

Aaaand, I'll give you a small tip, just try using the "Reverb technique" using the peak controller. (If you're using FL Studio!) Just try checking Brooks' masterclass on Youtube, hope you'll find some nice tips! :) I honestly loved the track, and this deserves number 1 :)

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The Dark Shadow
The Dark Shadow3 days ago

Sounds really great! Voted! No wonder you're in the top!

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Dextro Ampulse
Dextro Ampulse3 days ago

Voted and supported brother it sounds different, so great work. Check Out My new track "Summer Love"

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