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N Effect aka Doro

Let's get it knockin' harder! From the EP DoroEffect. Sometimes my alter ego's work together as one and create magic. Let's go!


NemesisOFCL3 days ago

Voted!!!! <3 Please vote my new track "Desert"

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AUZTN3 days ago

Nice track! Voted!. Could you vote my track "Light it up"? Thanks!

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Nermox Official
Nermox Official3 days ago

Nice track! Awesome sound!

Voted. Vote back on my track "Alone" i support you

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ARNEMUZZIK3 days ago

good track voted

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Roberto vaz
Roberto vaz4 days ago

got my vote!

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Doctor dj
Doctor dj4 days ago

I voted because this track is perfect! It reminds me Jauz! Now can you vote my remix of you don’t have to like it on my profile? Thank you❤️

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DreamTheVibe4 days ago

I see you're on the right track. I like your music good luck ... Help me with my "Sailor" music too ... Thank you.

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ᗰᗩᗷEᖇ ✪

I'm sorry I just thought it was a stolen song. If it is really yours good job 👌

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HappyCom4 days ago

Wow man, this was suprisingly good being a talent pool track! Cool drop vocals and that synth really gives me a Skrillex vibe. Good work, deserved a vote. Please check out my latest track "You" and give me some real feedback as I just gave you! Thx

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Viterlo4 days ago

Sounds great, Idw why the top 10 is full of shit. This is the only profesional track of the top. You have my vote bro!!

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Matthew Booyah
Matthew Booyah4 days ago


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Dante Davis4 days ago

You nailed it. Good job, I already voted. What do you think about my latest track? Check it out and maybe leave your vote?

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Little Norway
Little Norway4 days ago

Enjoyed! LEGIT

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Outlaw_Music4 days ago


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WH!TE4 days ago


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Elys.5 days ago

Great Job!
Supported &voted.
Please vote back on my new track "Summer"
Thanks and good luck!!!!

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Veckhen5 days ago

sick track dude , im in love with those vibes!!!!,the melody is unique and really deserves being released congrats!!!!!!.
If you could go and check my new TRACK “SHILOUETTES” would be insane, thank you so much and keep the hard work!!!! If you follow me ill follow you back!!!!!!!!!:)

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Manu like
Manu like5 days ago

Hi N EFFECT AKA DORO everybody here is making accomplishments to get your vote im not like everyone i just like your song and follow you nice work :) and im would like to collab if you want write me to the email i left in my latest song...

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OnlySOUNDZ5 days ago


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Annihilation5 days ago

Wow bro voted, insane track so far. You got a very good mastering and nice Synth´s here. I hope you get what you earn for that hard work :D Could you please vote back for my new track "International". Thanks a lot and good luck in the contest :)

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