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N Effect aka Doro

Let's get it knockin' harder! From the EP DoroEffect. Sometimes my alter ego's work together as one and create magic. Let's go!


DNDY10 days ago

Voted!my new track out now "Different" Please Listen And If you like Please Vote .
thanks :)

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Dj Normix
Dj Normix10 days ago

nice please vote back

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LuisAnthony10 days ago

I love your track, you have my vote, I would appreciate it if you support me by voting on my new track "Kongo", and following me on soundcloud, thanks ... :)

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DCRPD10 days ago

Dude I don't even hold a candle to your awesomeness. I'm impressed with every drop you've had on this talent pool. I want to really say thank you for even giving my tracks the light of day. Who knows what the future holds, but in my opinion you are a labels wet dream come true. Best of Luck bro truly. Voted.

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bruhhh...this is fire...Habstrakt meets jauz...we need more music like this! Voted!
If you get the chance, peep my new track Venice. Thanks in advance!

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RizzyOfficial10 days ago

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RizzyOfficial10 days ago

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ZiHjERiUS10 days ago

Sick track, i can feel the hit

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Kenneth V
Kenneth V10 days ago

nice hard hitting track, really gets the party started, you have my vote cause your my friend and the track is DOPE

Do you wanne take the time to check out and VOTE for my remix of Love Myself 😘😃
Thanks you very much for your time 😝

~ Kenneth V ~

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Erland S.
Erland S.10 days ago

Good Track, I'll give vote for vote, just comment on my profile - 'Love myself'...

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Mupp3ts11 days ago

Nice track DORO! You have my vote! Please listen & VOTE my new track LIFE if you like it!

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M.X11 days ago

Nice duo, I like it, voted, if you could, please vote for my new song "Find my way", thank you :)

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Lifted Dreams
Lifted Dreams11 days ago

Hey brother, let me know if you want to collab on a bass house track. I make this style and absolutely love it, I think we could make something seriously dope.

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Kaashu11 days ago

Hey N effect, great track, i seriously liked your sounds design and arrangements, and i voted you for sure, this may sound very robotic but please check my track Kaashu - Before i loved you, and if you liked it, then please support me too.
Your sincerely Kaashu. 😊💙

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Lifted Dreams
Lifted Dreams11 days ago

Hey man, this track is awesome, VOTED! Please check out my new track "CHRONIC" and VOTE if you enjoy! I also follow everyone back on SoundCloud!!

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eicos&Diver11 days ago

interesting track,
I Vote for You,
if you want, listen to my remix
leave vote and comment there if you want

greetz eicos & Diver

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NYKN11 days ago

Lets get working. You vote for my Track "WHEN LOVE TURNS" and i'll vote back ASAP

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Default Kross
Default Kross11 days ago

Hey man, loved your track as it was unique and sounded extremely professsional. I will definitely be voting for this!

The only thing i can say to improve on is to try and make your kick stand out more in the mix as its a little bit to quiet but other than that, great track!

I was also wondering if you could check out my new track called Butterfly Effect and maybe vote for it as it would be a huge help, Thankyou!

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kanefielding11 days ago

Voted and followed!
Feel free to vote for my new track "collide"
Good luck :)

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shafzz12 days ago

Hey doro !
Lovin the vibes !
you have my sincere vote :)
I uploaded a track as well called (Maximus)
It would be so generous if I had your feedback and maybe a vote if you liked it ?
Thanks a lot !
wish you the best !!!

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