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ONTA1 hour ago

Hello George, this track is simply awesome! You have my vote & my support!
If you have the time please vote back my remix of "Whenever" and my last track "LIKE A BOY".
If you follow me on SOUNDCLOUD I will follow you back! Good luck!

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Dj Fucos4 hours ago

WoW! Great track man! In love with the vibe, voted! If you like my track, you can vote for me!

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Killatero6 hours ago

love it

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2WO7 hours ago

Hello, I voted for you and I wish you great success.
Support my last mashup.
Thank you so much.....

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Gin Sylën
Gin Sylën9 hours ago

I voted for your music !!! vote for my music lonely girl !!!.

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tebedayeng10 hours ago

nice broo, dont forget check my single SEE

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PA-ONE11 hours ago

I voted for your track !!!
Can you please vote for my track Tribal Beat???

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DJ NDRK12 hours ago

Nice music,voted.
Please,vote for my track Trap

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3P][C12 hours ago

Great track! Mainstream in a good way. Love the chords and melodies! 🌴☀️ Voted!
Check my latest remix ”Whenever” when you have the time 🎧👍🏻

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kushiemonster13 hours ago

Great track! Voted!
Be sure to check my track 'vibe' too!!

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Byexxer1 day ago

Beautiful track! Voted!
Please listen and vote my new track "Energy" if you want follow me on SoundCloud
Thanks for all!

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SRS241 day ago

Voted! Fabulous Song <3 Convinces me to wake up <3 Thank You <3

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Atherys1 day ago

Nice track, Voted!
Listen my remix of "Bring di fire",and vote if you like too!

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Pedro Galhardo

this should be at #1 instead of those bastards with the stolen track

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Pedro Galhardo

great idea actually, i dig it! you've got my vote
please check out my latest track '001' & vote back if you enjoy!.

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Morganite1 day ago

HEY U MASTERED THIS LIKE A PRO DUDE!! Love ur style and tipe of vocals u used here. I will follow ur work in the future, and hopeing if things go well mabye we can do some cooperation thogether. If u have some time check my songs and see if u like some. Thanks, be free to vote or comment. Take care and good luck.

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X151 day ago

Voted ;) I’m back with my new crazy remix to “Dannic & Rob & Jack - Bring Di Fire” 💥 Enjoy these Club vibes 😈 🔥

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DJBOY11 day ago

plz voite on my track"BEACH"

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Onur Tanriverdi

hey, check out my latest track

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ONTA1 day ago

Hey George, this track is so cool, i Voted for it! Please vote back for my last single "Like a Boy" Thanks!

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