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Mike  Beiyel
Mike Beiyel46 minutes ago

I love your track dude, if you a second please check my remix for Dannic x Rob & Jack - Bring di Fire, it's something totally different!.-.-.

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Rehabilitation1 hour ago

This song woke me up Damn!! this is amazing don't forget to listen to my song Summer or listen to it idc

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Отличная песня

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JayV94 hours ago

great bro

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Life Music
Life Music4 hours ago

Hello friend, what a great song of yours you know, it seems incredible to me, that's why I gave you my vote, I ask you to return the favor by voting for my new song "Life Music - Back Where I Belong[Original Mix]"

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ONTA5 hours ago

Nicee broo! Check & vote my last song "Like a Boy"!

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Myawolls6 hours ago

Oh yeah this is a cool track!! You have my vote :p
If you can give me your support back I'll thank you very much!

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Live Sound Device

Sounding good! Voted! Vote for our song also please!

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KSZ9 hours ago

voted bruh
i love that track <3
Could you check out my latest remix for Dannic called "Bring Di Fire"?
I would be grateful :D

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HincaReplay11 hours ago

Hi love your song :-)good sound , I vote for you ...please take time to listen to my song "Brass your soul".. vote for me best

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Boix & Breakloop
Boix & Breakloop12 hours ago

cool track! if you have a second can you listen my last track "No More" ? is Free , fOLLOW US ON SOUNDCLOUD AND WE WILL RETURN THE FAVOR!

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ÆSIR16 hours ago

Hey.., Cool sound..Keep it up bro,
I Voted it.. If you like please vote for my track "Olodum" too. Thanks man!

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ZEKAk16 hours ago

Very great track!!! Already voted!!! Can you plz check my new track Drop The Party and vote if you like?

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Dj SAC MX17 hours ago

What a track broducer :0
The bass, the lead, the vocaslssss
Good job

I hope that you can vote for my new remix of ''Whenever''.
Vote for vote ;)

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Dante Davis1 day ago

Wow, I really like this. You earned my vote man! Maybe vote back on my latest remix? I know you'll like it

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ZombosO1 day ago

great work, it desearves the first rank, voted ! I hope you vote back

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delarosa1 day ago

Really nice production George. Voted. Pls check out my remix of Bring Di Fire and vote / comment. Thanks

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Dj Potenza
Dj Potenza1 day ago

nice song, vote for you , please vote back for my newest song The Past.

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Jorge Nuñez
Jorge Nuñez1 day ago

YO THATS A KOO TRACK, listen and vote for my track "THE TRACKS"

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Great track! Nice build Nice vibe and suuuper vocal! Check out my track called lost in time! Thanks! Voted!😍

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