Remix of Dannic X Rob & Jack's Bring Di Fire

MAHDI52 minutes ago

πŸ”₯ Good vibes, keep it up, give the voted back

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December 85
December 855 hours ago

Thanks for vote.
Good luck;)

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PMATS Records
PMATS Records5 hours ago

cool remix hope it gets some attention! got our vote!

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Harp3r11 hours ago


Voted! Plz Vote back on my track RocknRolla.


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Suhail S
Suhail S13 hours ago

Great Remix! Voted Back!

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g-pizzy17 hours ago

I really the beat and the groove of the remix. I voted 4shur.

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MLØZ18 hours ago

Lit drop!! voted back!!

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atr20 hours ago

cool man keep up the good work bro :)

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Raude1 day ago

Voted bro!!

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Vivek Encore
Vivek Encore1 day ago

voted ........Great man .....

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Dj Potenza
Dj Potenza1 day ago

nice song, vote for you, please vote back for my newest song The Past.

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Wisnu Prasetya

Nice Remix | Voted Back !!! | Thank You For Voted My Track

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SCΞ”NT1 day ago

Cool , voted back dude!

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Anvvar {Ψ§Ω†ΩˆΨ±}

Hey Delarosa! How's it going?
So I took a listen to the track and I really enjoyed the melody of the overall track!
Really had a catchy break, and the drop was just really amazing. You have my full support on this one,
So I voted and followed you as well :)
Can you please take time and vote for my track "Anvvar - This Life (ft. illRow & BEHNKE)?"
I'm sure you'll love it ;) Anyways, a really good track of yours, keep it up :)
Also, i'm interested in doing a collaboration with you. Message me on SoundCloud if you are interested. Good Luck :)

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Emre Cizmeci
Emre Cizmeci2 days ago

i like the remix and comes vote,check mine also,thanks

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Birdzend2 days ago


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Robin Fraekl
Robin Fraekl2 days ago


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Myawolls3 days ago

Great remix Delarosa!
Thanks a lot for vote on my track and give me your support! Here is my vote! Keep good work!

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anthonygartner3 days ago

Hello Delarossa, thanks for youre vote to my new track voted back, good luck and keep up the good work!

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m31ght3 days ago

VOted :)

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