New EDM/Melodic EDM Track with WAPR Hope you Like it Goal: Top 12 Enjoy


Westfallx12 days ago

crazy good man, check out my track "Love You" on my profile!

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Veronika River
Veronika River12 days ago

Fun synths!

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Sgt. Elias
Sgt. Elias12 days ago

Nice track, voted. Please follow me on Spotify. Will follow back.

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BlackFox12 days ago

Beautiful combined sounds really pull you into this track, Nice sounds here, I voted for you. Please help support me and vote back for my track " WHENEVER". Thank you for your support....

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kuribo12 days ago

thank you vote!!!!!
You also voted.
nice music!!!

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Splondek S
Splondek S12 days ago

Is Really Cool your track

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ARZOLO13 days ago

its a really good track body, voted for you

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S  A  B  Y  N  Y  C
S A B Y N Y C13 days ago

The track you made is mad valid, especially the type of Timmy Trumpet x David Guetta vibe that it gives off. I hope your musical career goes somewhere and your work gets noticed by a high profile identity. Cheers!

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HEARTLOCK13 days ago

hey buddy i voted ! please vote back on my whenever remix .
thank you

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Dj Gary Decker
Dj Gary Decker13 days ago

Voted back! Thanks and good luck.

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Ellion Quincy OFFICIAL ✔


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Ellion Quincy OFFICIAL ✔


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Ellion Quincy OFFICIAL ✔


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Deneo13 days ago

Fantastic. Voted.

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Fyodor Von
Fyodor Von13 days ago

Voted ) Please support my remix < Whenever > Thanks )

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Suhail S
Suhail S13 days ago

Already voted bro! Great work :)

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Justin & Evan
Justin & Evan13 days ago

Great track! We really enjoyed it. Voted! If you have time, please check out our latest remix "Whenever" and if you like it, please vote! Thank you!

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Stasymö13 days ago

Nice track man :) voted!

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Nobile G
Nobile G13 days ago

Dope, voted!

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Franco Giraudo
Franco Giraudo13 days ago

Woohoo! R3HAB Vibes! I already voted you!

You can vote for my remix "Summertime Sadness" by Lana del Rey! Thank you!

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