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Zephs5 days ago

Amazing Track my bro!! Sound Perfect I feel this track congratulations!, Voted! Please vote my new Track called "Round" Thanks very much!!

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Droper_DJ6 days ago

this is Great!, Amazing Track my bro!! Sound Perfect I feel this track congratulations!, Voted! Please vote my new Track Magic Flute my bro, Thanks very much!

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Dragmean6 days ago

Hello Guys ! I just released a new song and I encourage You to go check it out ! Thanks :)

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Warry6 days ago

You Have All My Support!
Please Listen My Last Remix And Vote If You Like It. Also Please Follow Me On Soundcloud.

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P.B6 days ago

Voted for you!
Listen to my new song Sleepless and vote for it, if you like it it.
We all know the party nights without sleep. I made this song for those nights

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MIRRO6 days ago

100% support from me.
I also hope for your support of my track.

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Beyond Tha Noize

Got my support! Nice

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Derdak7 days ago

good job, come onº

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STONED2KARMA7 days ago

"Servus" Wiliam!

Hey mate, my name is STONED2KARMA.
I think your track sounds kind of cool!
Seems like you have put a lot of work behind it.
So I think the Melody has a really cool feeling to it and
it stays in your head pretty fast wich is something extremely
important for a good track.
Also I like the variations you brought into the track,
so your song doesn't get boaring and it keeps that cool
feeling all the way to the end.

I voted for your track and I hop you'll keep on working,
because I really like what you are doing! :D

Looking forward to some more work of yours soon!


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Benjamin Roy
Benjamin Roy7 days ago

Hello ! I really like your track, there is talent in you and it is difficult to stand out on spinnin 'Records, that's why I want to help you by voting for you. I hope you will make a career in this field. And it will be really nice of you to vote for my latest track, Space, Thank You
Benjamin. ;)

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Loki4207 days ago

Take a moment to relax and immerse in the epic atmosphere of my new track ´psycho´. Vote and comment what you think!!!

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#Energie7 days ago

You have my vote
   You could vote for my single Hero
     Thank you

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F4BBRI7 days ago

Voted! Could you vote back my track Icarus? Thanks for listening :D

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AUZTN7 days ago

Nice track! Voted!. Could you vote my track "Love is on fire"? Thanks!

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GAMMATO7 days ago

cool sounds!!!!!

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KYRA97 days ago

Nice Track.
Would you hear "Girls like you" my new Remix Track,enjoy it..

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Derdak8 days ago

good job, come on encourage.

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Voxxell8 days ago

I love the drop in this track!
Voted! Please vote for my track 'Vise' <3

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LazrOfficial8 days ago

Hey Wiliam! Great track, I voted! Really love the vibe it has. If you could vote my own track, "JOURNEY", that would be great!

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Horbatso8 days ago

Voted! nice drop and good melody mood of the track

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