HVZELNUT2 days ago

hey nice sounds, voted. could u check my new track? called"dinosaurus" and u can check my previous track "blah blah blah hvzelnut bootleg"
best regards

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phat bass
phat bass2 days ago

voted! pls vote back :)

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DEEP RHYTHM2 days ago

Nice track, good job, voted!

Check out my new song "Can't Hide It", make sure to vote!

Much love, thanks!

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Lv Beatz
Lv Beatz2 days ago

This one is nice!

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Eppers2 days ago

next Dirtybird artist

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N.B.L3 days ago

awesome work ! your track made me dance ! i like it you have my vote ! i'll be more than happy if you checked my new track "Lost" ! and good luck to hope you gonna win the competition !!

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RIVERSTUNE3 days ago

Hi 🙏 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

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Andre Colo
Andre Colo3 days ago

Hey bro you have my vote, good sound i really like it,
Please for my last song “Tomorrow” and vote it!

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Veronika River
Veronika River3 days ago

I freakin love your track!!!!

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I'm Loner
I'm Loner3 days ago


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DutchEdyMarron3 days ago


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Morganite3 days ago

<3 Nice track, i like it,check my new remix of Emil-Read All about it

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Alexis Voluette
Alexis Voluette3 days ago

i love your track! voted for you!

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Jakreez3 days ago

Hey there, you did an amazing job here!
Vote my remix plz)))

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Iberian Lynx
Iberian Lynx3 days ago


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shafzz3 days ago

Nice track !
You have my vote :)
PLs consider checking out my new track "Secretz"
Leave a vote if you like it !
Thanks ! good luck !!!

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TheLoser;3 days ago

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Mavridis music
Mavridis music3 days ago

Could any of you guys vote my track? It would mean a lot!

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JAKSTA3 days ago

You have my Vote :) Nice Track and good work. It would be great if you could listen and vote for my song "Polaris". Thank you :)

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Floki Floki
Floki Floki3 days ago

voted...please vote for my track!!!!!!

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