RANDY TORRES [Official] ✪

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the smoking dogs

Cool track!
Good sound!
You have my vote!
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Thank you so much and good luck!!!!!!!!!

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TheReindeers3 days ago

No. 1!!!

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xtatinix3 days ago


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RIVERSTUNE3 days ago

Good track, check my Minimal electro harmonica edm trance upfiling

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JVasin3 days ago

cool!!! voted for you, i would you like vote for my new track "ONE", thanks.

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Oliver Jensen
Oliver Jensen3 days ago

Nice track. I Voted!!! Would you like vote for my new track Urus, it will help me alot thanks :)

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RONGGAR3 days ago

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#REBEL3 days ago

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Greenmamba1324 days ago

Nice track NV ! keep it up and let's get to the top ! check out my new track "Journey" and let's vote for each other ! :)

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Lakshyadeep4 days ago


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Sl@weC4 days ago

Great track, well produced i like it, you definitely have my vote!
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It would be great if you would support me, thanks in advance
Have a great day and good luck on this chart

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arsh setia
arsh setia4 days ago

Nice track, good job, voted! 

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Much love, thanks!

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Frid Production
Frid Production4 days ago

This track is dope! you have my vote!

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RIVERSTUNE4 days ago


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KooZ4 days ago

Great vibes with this track. the bass sounds awesome. Voted! Please vote for my track What You Want. Thanks

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Derdak4 days ago

Nice Track,

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Nik Alevizos
Nik Alevizos4 days ago

voted ! Cool track , nice sound. I genuinely listened to your track and if you ever want real feedback please reach out to me. Check out my tracks if you think any are worthy of your vote then I'm grateful for your support. Follow me on here or soundcloud and email anytime . Keep up the good work:)

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Alexis Voluette
Alexis Voluette4 days ago

i like it! voted for you

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Eestpavel4 days ago

Voted) Please Check my Nothing On Us remix now;)

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