Shotwelz2 hours ago

excelent Track BROO!!!
You have my vote

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Gmejíamusic2 hours ago

Voted Bro

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DEEP RHYTHM6 hours ago

Nice track, good job, voted!

Check out my new song "Can't Hide It", make sure to vote!

Much love, thanks!

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Dan star
Dan star11 hours ago

muy buena cancion y gracias por eso consejos que me diste hermano, tienes mi apoyo y mi voto, te mando un fuerte abrazo. :)

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DJ WAZE12 hours ago

The mix in the drop is a little bit muddy in my opinion

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DaLy13 hours ago

Wow Diserpier! That's what I call a good mix! I love it. You've Definitely got my vote there. If you want to you could go and listen to my new track "Masterpiece" and vote for it if you'd like to :). Best Regards DaLy.

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kuribo14 hours ago

Thank You My Track Comments!!!
Your music is also wonderful!!!

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NG MERCIX14 hours ago

Great track, keep on working. Nice track. Hope to get your vote back :)

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I'm Loner
I'm Loner15 hours ago

Good job!!!

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nemezis_nemezis15 hours ago

You have my vote bro

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Panatema Ed Johnson

Nice song diserpier .. VOTED! Please check out my track "in my head" :)

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4$IGHT(a.k.a TOOPYY)

Yooo sick track Diserpier! You got my vote. Make sure you check out my latest tracks :)

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N0wL20 hours ago

please listen my new remix: ФРАУ Maniac(N0wL Remix)

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Tim Low
Tim Low20 hours ago

Great track my bro! You got my vote. I would be so thankful if you vote back my track “I’m In Love With You (Instrumental)”. That high rank is well deserved!

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Quinto X Szulio
Quinto X Szulio21 hours ago

tune bro

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WAYRON22 hours ago

voted back!

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LY FERDI22 hours ago

Great track. voted.
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Hope your vote.
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Thank You.!

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Väpä1 day ago

Whata a massive good track, absolutely voted!

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DigitalM1 day ago

This is a really cool track! I just voted for you. Can you please return the favour and vote for my track?

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p i x e l
p i x e l1 day ago

hi disper, thanks for commenting on my track, got you back, keep up the good work man !

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