My remix of Nothing On Us. Love those vocals.

TheLoser;4 days ago

I´ll vote for your track if you´ll vote for my latest "Mr. Sponge the Technofant Demo”. it´s a win-win-deal.
I am also in for Follow4Follow on Soundcloud. In this way we can reach bigger audience way more faster. You get in touch
with my followers and I do so with yours. Become new followers for free. Nothing to pay, just a follow. C U on Soundcloud;-) xxx

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Lello_Oliver5 days ago

Hello Brother....
First of all, okay?
Vote on your music, excellent production and repercussion.....
I'm following you!.
Could you do the same kindness?
I just released a new demo * Discovery *, I ask for your vote, listen, it's okay, and if you can follow me and leave a message, thank you.

Success and embrace

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Leftblu6 days ago

Hey Hey! Nice track I like it & voted!!

Btw, recently uploaded new song (actually remix - The Him remix contest). I would love you to check it out and then drop a fat VOTE on it if it sounds dope for you ;)

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Celes6 days ago

hey! i vote for you! Great track! check my remix :D

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2sxmmer6 days ago

Is this an electric guitar sound? Honestly sounds a little weird as a lead instrument in this track.

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Eestpavel6 days ago

voted) Guys check my Nothing On Us remix now;)

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Sl@weC6 days ago

Great track, voted and supported!
Good Luck on this chart.

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RZR6 days ago

Cool track man! You got my vote! :D Hope you like mine and vote back :))

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Serginio Chan
Serginio Chan6 days ago

Nice Remix → I voted for you

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Schneider6 days ago

nice track voted

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Nice Track broo

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Lipy117 days ago

Kinda cool...check out my remix :D

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Shatiks7 days ago

Great track! Voted!

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Forbidden City
Forbidden City7 days ago

Good shit bro I'm voting for this one for sure keep it up follow me on IG @adrian_aros

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TONIC@BIT7 days ago

отличный проголосовал

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DJFS7 days ago

up up up .... good luck man

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Miss Tonica
Miss Tonica7 days ago

Great vocals,voted!!Thanks for youre support✌️

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Kongsil27 days ago

I listened to your track, and i like it!
you got definitely my vote

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Clyde Urban
Clyde Urban7 days ago

Voted, very good remix. With that said, i do hope you can vote back on my latest track and leave some feedback, it would mean a lot

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Chris Folgers
Chris Folgers7 days ago

great vocal work, nice melodics, happy flow in this track,
and thanks for your comment on my track

Everything above this is my honest opinion, because I actually listen to your tracks!
Please check out my new track I WANT MONEY and vote if u like it. thanks

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