Coming in strong with some amazing vocals and that massive festival vibe as this tune is bound to hit you hard. Amazing and sweet melodies are leading up to a drop filled with captivating synths that will shake Festivals around the globe.


Panatema Ed Johnson

oww! nice

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Killatero21 hours ago

great , nice track

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Lisa Uhlen
Lisa Uhlen23 hours ago

This one sounds great! Awesome vocals!
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Skeepo2 days ago

This somehow reminds me of old times dang.
I love the uplifting melody! Voted^^

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Beyond Tha Noize

Thanks mate :) :)

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LY FERDI2 days ago

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Q Johnson (or Luke Van)

nice track.

Score: 1
Beyond Tha Noize

Thankyou :)

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Reapecks2 days ago

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Beyond Tha Noize

keep going mate you will get noticed! :)

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the smoking dogs

Cool track!
Good sound!
You have my vote!
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Thank you so much and good luck!!!!!!!

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