Go Into the Night

Dazed Creepz

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TheReindeers5 days ago

Nice track!

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Sl@weC5 days ago

Really great track, well produced i like it
You definitely have my vote!
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Have a great day and good luck on this chart!

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arsh setia
arsh setia5 days ago

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arsh setia
arsh setia5 days ago

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Dazed i really enjoyed your music !! Its production is sensational, has my vote!
Take time to vote for my new song, okay? A hug.

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Let Us Play!
Let Us Play!6 days ago

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KooZ6 days ago

Amazing song here. Great mix and master very clean. Voted! Please vote for my track What You Want. Thanks

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Kid Chick
Kid Chick6 days ago

Sounds so great, like a light summer song! Very good job!!! :)

Score: 1
Derdak6 days ago

Nice Track-

Score: 1
Buried Alive
Buried Alive6 days ago

Nice track, voted! Please vote back my remix “Propaganda”! Thank you! :)

Score: 1
JAKSTA6 days ago

You have my Vote :) Nice Track and good work. It would be great if you could listen and vote for my song "Polaris". Thank you :)

Score: 1
beats_music6 days ago

nice Song Dude I love it... :)

Score: 1
Hikaru Mitsuzuka

Please vote for my music! Hands Up:D

Score: 1
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Requenosz6 days ago

Wow nice track, voted.
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Best regards

Score: 1
Birdzend6 days ago

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Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic6 days ago

keep on making music my vote dc

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TomSoraa6 days ago

Tremendo ! Muy buenos sonidos... Me re ayudaria si tambien podrias votar mi ultima cancion "Slide - TomSoraa" en el caso que te haya gustado. Desde ya, muchas gracias! Saludos desde Argentina.

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delarosa7 days ago

Lovely track. Voted. Check out my latest track and follow on SC. Thanks.

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Nermox Official
Nermox Official7 days ago

Very nice track! I vote for it. Can you vote back please on my last single "Better Days" ;)

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