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DEEP RHYTHM7 days ago

Nice track, good job, voted!

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Much love, thanks!

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Lukas Loechert
Lukas Loechert7 days ago

Great vocals. Nice overall production value.
Keep it up.
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Good work! Im voting for!

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Olisso8 days ago

nice track bro Voted

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voxxel8 days ago

Wow this track is amazing!
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Frank Leuven
Frank Leuven8 days ago

hey OWL! I love your track! I vote! You could vote for my last track called "Without You" thank you!

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AMU Pdxns music
AMU Pdxns music8 days ago

nice track and really nice intro and kick there and love those vocals mixing voted


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Sander Divino
Sander Divino8 days ago

Yea! This is really good man, good mixed, dope vocal and just very suprised. Hope you will get signed man! Hope you check out my track :D

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Fenki8 days ago

Really Good!!

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SYDROPS8 days ago

Really cool ! You have my vote and full support ;)

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Thanks a lot ;)

Good luck for the contest

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savermei8 days ago

Good track! You got my vote
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Thx and good luck !

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DARKYLOSE8 days ago

Hey OWL!

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Alex Helder
Alex Helder8 days ago

Hi! Good job! I like what I hear, I vote!
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Thank you!

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JIMMI9 days ago

What a great job you've made here VOTED ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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Tiisho9 days ago


great track, i like it! You became my support!
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Thanks for your time and good luck in the contest !!!

best regards Tiisho 😉 😉😉

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GenJko9 days ago

yo, cool song brah. My name is genjko, you should listen to my song Something Different. Voted for you thanks!

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SIRTO9 days ago

Nice vibe, supported!

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Lello_Oliver9 days ago

Hello Friend.

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We all have goals here, to produce good quality music, different styles, but focuses are the same.
I did not forget you, of course I listened to your music, most voted.
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Thank you and good luck

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