Mellow and Chill Out style remix. Please enjoy it and vote me!

TheLoser;5 days ago

I´ll vote for your track if you´ll vote for my latest "Mr. Sponge the Technofant Demo”. it´s a win-win-deal.
I am also in for Follow4Follow on Soundcloud. In this way we can reach bigger audience way more faster. You get in touch
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Leftblu5 days ago

Hey Hey ELC! Nice track I like it & voted!

Btw, recently uploaded new song (actually remix - The Him remix contest). I would love you to check it out and then drop a fat VOTE on it if it sounds dope for you ;)

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Eestpavel5 days ago

Hey! It's sweet) Check my Nothing On Us remix please!

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rougdrag5 days ago

Hello ELC
vote and support you,
please vote back,

Love and Peace

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RZR6 days ago

Cool track man! You got my vote! :D Hope you like mine and vote back :)))))))

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DB246 days ago

Thanks ! Voted back!

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Forbidden City
Forbidden City6 days ago

Dope track man you got my vote keep up the good work

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Lipy116 days ago

Nice...check mine thx :)

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Serginio Chan
Serginio Chan6 days ago

Nice Remix → I voted for you

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Clyde Urban
Clyde Urban6 days ago

Hey man, i already voted on this sick remix. i hope you make it far in the contest
With that said, i do hope you can vote back on my latest track 'Domains' and leave some feedback. It would mean a lot

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Reasone6 days ago


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Kongsil26 days ago

I listened to your track, and i like it!
you got definitely my vote

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anthonygartner6 days ago

Hello The Him,, Thank you for voting my latest track What if, voted back for suport, good luck !

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Master Jay
Master Jay7 days ago

Nice track bro, voted back ;)

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SKYSA8 days ago

Voted for your track. Please listen to my track we're the future and do support. Thank-you.

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Alex Helder
Alex Helder8 days ago

Thank you for support! Voteback!

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R E V E N8 days ago

Nice track man got my vote! Please Vote back for my track with Raz Boy "Let's Get Married"
Also follow me on soundcloud and i'll follow back!!!!
One tip: Easy way to add variation is with drums, listen to my track as an example!

I actually voted, you can check by my supported tracks and that you xp has increased!

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Jods8 days ago

Hi ELC! I've listened to your track, I like it voted, I'd appreciate it if you can listen to my remix Nothing on us, and if you like to support me. Good luck! Follow me at Soundcloud.

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Don Kon
Don Kon8 days ago

Hey! Dope track boss! Voted! Can you vote back bro? Thanks!!!!

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Boog8 days ago

Good track !!!!
Vote !

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