TheLavish - Sunrise


Lifted Dreams
Lifted Dreams2 hours ago

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Agustin Viroga
Agustin Viroga4 hours ago

Voted for your track. Amazing track, vibes are awesome. Please listen to my track 'POPIT' and vote if you like it, hugs!

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DEEP RHYTHM6 hours ago

Nice track, good job, voted!

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Much love, thanks!

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Kaptain Imperial
Kaptain Imperial7 hours ago

Really love the vibe! Definitely got my vote! Repeat on this one. Plz go vote for my track “DTA”! Thank you!

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Lukas Loechert
Lukas Loechert11 hours ago

Fine track.
Keep it up.
You have my vote.
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DaLy13 hours ago

Wow Lavish! That's what I call a good mix! I love it. You've Definitely got my vote there. If you want to you could go and listen to my new track "Masterpiece" and vote for it if you'd like to :). Best Regards DaLy.

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GabrielKMusic15 hours ago

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CMDOfficial16 hours ago

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#REBEL17 hours ago

Hi, you have my vote.... please check my last songs DUB .

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Duplex Bassline
Duplex Bassline18 hours ago

voted !!

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JAKSTA19 hours ago

You have my Vote :) Nice Track and good work. It would be great if you could listen and vote for my song "Polaris". Thank you :)

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Killatero19 hours ago

voted Bro

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N0wL20 hours ago

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Tim Low
Tim Low20 hours ago

Great track my bro! You got my vote. I would be so thankful if you vote back my track “I’m In Love With You (Instrumental)”. You really deserve your rank

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Lisa Uhlen
Lisa Uhlen21 hours ago

I LOVE this track! It sounds really good.
Are you interested in doing collabs? In that case, check out my music and see if you like what I'm doing :)
Voted, ofc, and follow you.

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The Elevatorz
The Elevatorz22 hours ago

Wooow, just amazing TheLavish... Very cool track. I voted for you!!!!
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Thnk you!!!

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Don Kon
Don Kon1 day ago

Voted bro!! Killer track!!!

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Comet Chordz
Comet Chordz1 day ago

Wow! This really is the Sunrise! Voted! Wonderful song Lavish! PLZ check out my track "Beyond Reach" If possible

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Kaptain Imperial

Really nice track bro! Voted for you! Plz go check out my new track "DNA" and vote for me as well! Thanks

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DigitalM1 day ago

This is a really cool track man. You have my vote. Can you please return the favour and give my track a vote?

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