other2 years ago

Oo wow your remix is cool, i vote for you please listen my remix Lost Kings - You Ft. Katelyn Tarver(matzwell remix) is you like please vote por this tanks

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MMM2 years ago

Cool mix! Voted! Please vote for my new remix of track by Lost Kings! Good luck!

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Kirill Savenko
Kirill Savenko2 years ago

Hey can you guys check out my new track? Lost Kings-You Ft. Katelyn Tarver (Savenko Kirill REMIX)

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Know-Down2 years ago

Hi Woocean your Remix is so good. I like the kick is so... yes I like it, and the bass is very great. Your mixing is good but your setting of the EQ should be more search but it's good like that, and i love your very good use to synth. Good luck for the talent pool ! I think you can be in the top 50 of the talent pool ! You have my vote, I VOTED for you so
Please can you check out my remix and VOTE for me if you like it, it's a house remix. I'm just 13 years old !

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Thushantha2 years ago

Voted!!!!!!!Please vote my remix bro."Lost Kings-You ft Katelyn Tarver(Thushantha Remix)"

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John Styler
John Styler2 years ago

Voted, vote back..

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felsensternmodus2 years ago

We made a track that is entirely different from the most here with real bass, drums and guitar.
Give it a listen and vote for it if you like it ;)-----

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TheWamose2 years ago

I genuinely vote back to anyone who votes...so vote for my remix of "you" and i promise honestly you WILL get a vote back...if you don't believe me check out the comments on my tracks and see if I have'nt voted back................................

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Blü_2 years ago

I looove to support my producer brothers!!...I can give you more votes from my friends account is just VOTE BACK!!...I will share your track on my Twitter too, is just coment my track if you like, listen my remix if you like please Vote!!...Together we can go to the top!!...

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M | S A V V Y
M | S A V V Y2 years ago

Whats up Woocean! If you havent yet voted for my remix, head over and hit that VOTE button! Thanks!

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AdityaNair2 years ago

Hey Woocean , Voted :) Nice one ..Please Vote my You remix back .....& others can Vote me and just leave a comment. ....I surely will vote you back...u can check my supported track if u want too...

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DJ Refresh
DJ Refresh2 years ago

amazing , nice mix great job! Please listen to my version and Vote Back Thanks! Lost Kings feat. Katelyn Tarver (DJ Refresh) or Tropical House Part 2 by DJ Refresh

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Oscar Vaught
Oscar Vaught2 years ago

•Yo Guys! Check my entry for the "Lost Kings - You Ft. Katelyn Tarver" Remix contest on Spinnin' Records and vote for me, please. • Love for good music will always be reciprocated.

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PUREVIL2 years ago

Such an amazing track! Voted!

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Relikia2 years ago

Great production! You have my vote, you can check it on my "supported tracks", if you like mine please vote!

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Franzisco2 years ago

Hi Woocean! This is Franzisco :). I Voted for your track, good job on the production!

Please vote for my new remix called >>> Adore <<< and I return the favor!

and leave a comment with some feedback it would mean a lot to me.
Much love ! Thank you :)

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Fruity Diamond
Fruity Diamond2 years ago

Super Cool Track. I love it. SWAP VOTES ? I vote back to everyone. Just vote for my Remix of "You ft. Katelyn Tarver" and leave a comment saying "voted" so that I know you voted and I’ll vote back. Thank you :)

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willim2 years ago

Voted, please vote for my tropical house remix of "you"~~~~~~~

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DELAK2 years ago

Great job man! Got my vote!Check out my tropical remix !!

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro2 years ago

Fabulous remix, Woocean! Curious what you think of my remix!talentpool/track/58685-lost-kings-you-ft-katelyn-tarver/. Would be great if you would support mine!... All the best in this chart!

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